K12 Print is a printer with a purpose.

Not only do we offer a price point that is competitive and production efficiencies that are hard to beat, we offer your brand a chance to directly help the underserved youth in our community.

Three Layers to K12’s Mission

The Machine – K12 has built a state of the art factory that can create top quality customized products at affordable prices at a fast pace. We have also compiled a customer-obsessed team that supports our ability to deliver the best product at a competitive price in the best delivery time. We are proud to support the creation and support of American jobs.

The Customers – Businesses, organizations and individuals play an integral part of the K12 Mission simply by purchasing our customized products. At K12 Print, our customers are the hero of the story – with every purchase a donation is made to organizations like the Boys & Girls Club. We are on a mission to change kids’ lives, and we hope you’ll join us.

Philanthropic Support – At K12 Print, we recognize that our mission is unique and that supporting underserved youth as well as the creation and support of American jobs might be of interest to others. We’ve created a way for others to get involved more deeply in our mission side by side with us. This is not the average charitable donation. It’s the opportunity to sponsor a cog in the wheel that will continue to “give” from here to infinity.